Fire Protection System

This is one of the most important systems of life safety services. Investing by the owner of a project for complete automatic fire protection system will save his total investment of the project and life of inhabitance incase of fire in the building. The design and teaching of fire protection system will be as per NFPA (National FireProtection Act). Standards. The design of complete fire sprinkler system, Fire hose reels, dry riser, fire hydrants and Fire pumps will be the parts of the course.

Chapter Topics
1. Introduction 1.1 Definition
1.2 Standards of fire fighting system
1.3 Scope and Application
 2. Type of fire system 2.1 Dry riser system
2.2 Wet system
2.3 Sprinkler design
2.4 Piping design
2.5 Rules & Regulations of fire system
2.6 Portable fire extinguishers
2.7 FM200 & CO2 system
2.8 Preparation of design,shop & Asbuilt drawings
  3. Pump Selection 3.1 Electric & diesel fire pump
3.2 Hydraulic calculation
3.3 Pump head calculation
3.4 Pump selection

Duration: 1 Month (Regular), 15 Days (Fast Track)