Lpg System

Steam System:-To achieve the Human comfort humidity ratio of air, to generate and supply steam for several building equipments, to produce hot water by using steam are the needs of steam system in a project. So the course includes the design of steam piping, condensate drain and its standards.

LPG System:- For every large projects individual LPG cylinders for cooking,sterilization etc are not practical. So to design and install large LPG tanks as per the project requirements need calculations and follow the international rules and regulations. The course contains the LPG tank calculation and the LPG piping design.

 Chapter   Topics
  1. Introduction  1.1 Definition
1.2 Standards of steam & LPG system
1.3 Scope and Application
 2. Steam system  2.1 Steam piping design
2.2 Condensate drain piping design
2.3 Materials
2.4 Rules & standards
2.5 Preparation of design,shop & Asbuilt drawings
  3. LPG System  3.1 LPG piping calculation
3.2 LPG tank calculation
3.3 Materials
3.4 Rules & Standards
Preparation of design,shop & Asbuilt drawings

Duration: 1 Month (Regular), 15 Days (Fast Track)