Our Philosophy

Dubai is hosting world expo-2020, Qatar is hosting World Cup Footbal, Saudi Arabia is opened huge projects like tallest building (1km high) of the world,Riyadh Metro, hundreds of educational Institutions and hospitals etc, India is also opened various projects like Metro-rail networks, Star hotels, World class shopping malls, Specialty hospitals, Complex Industries etc to become tomorrow’s super power….which need millions of engineers, draftsmen & quality technicians in the field of construction & infra structure development all over the world.

Approximate 50% of the projects value and manpower are of Electro-Mechanical services such as HVAC,Electrical, Plumbing, Fire fighting, Building management system, Steam, LPG etc, but there are inadequacy of professionals in the market. Gulf companies seek experienced engineers always.

At the same time, India is abundant in human resource & rich in professional education. Every year lakhs of engineers are being graduated, but approx. 20% of engineers are availing quality jobs.

The role of MEDAC is to build bridge between these two scenarios. We give 100% practical oriented & live projects oriented trainings to create experienced engineers as per the global market demand.