Personal Transformation


Do you know 90% of the modern diseases are psychosomatic & poisonous foods oriented?
Our body is miraculous. It is made up of over 100 trillions of cells. We have 10,000 cores of neurons in our brain, 100,000 activities are performing in each seconds, 100 billions of cells are dying every day, billions of cells are born at every second, we have new skins at every month, new Skelton in every 3 months. By the end of a year 98% of our body is been replaced by new cells.
The whole body is renovated in every year. It means that we can be free from all the diseases by regenerating healthy & energetic cells.
MEDAC Life Design Consultancy is a dedicated research agency to develop awareness and to make habit of healthy body & mind living practices among people.
We educate people that life is easy & it is gifted to enjoy by utilizing the resources awarded to him/her


1)PFEP- Pro-Family Empowerment Programming. (

Development of a country is by the development of societies & the development societies are by the development of families. Empowering families according to today’s & tomorrow’s demands are the real ladders to create developed societies. We have designed very practical & result oriented with proven success records of Family empowerment programs by providing tasty, variety, innovative, activities oriented curriculum to children, teenagers, couples & parents


Neuro Linguistic Programming is the latest human transformation tool where we can achieve the result of “20 years of traditional empowering by just 1 year” using NLP techniques.

Experts says that “Life before NLP & after NLP is different

Our brain is a bio-computer. It works based on the software installed from the childhood until today. Our happiness, productivity, enthusiasm, tension, depression, fears, phobias are based on the softwares running in us. We can re-format & re-program our mind by using the amazing techniques of NLP.


– Human softwares can be re-programmed for healthy living

– All psychosomatic diseases will be dissolved such as vein blocks, strokes, blood pressure, blood sugar, varicose  vein, phobia etc which are formed due to fear, anger, stress & unhealthy psychic life style.

– According to modern scientific findings, an ordinary human being is utilizing his capacity approx. 4 to 5% only.  World’s ever recorded genius Albert Einstein used his capacity of maximum upto 10% as reported by the researchers. So how can we increase our idle capacities?
Here is the answer. MEDAC NLP life style will boost & explore your unused capacities & potentials as much as by  regular practice of NLP techniques.

– “AGELESS BODY & TIMELESS MIND”-by Dr.Deepak Chopra taught us

there are three types of aging.

– (1) Chronological [calendar wise]

–  (2) Physical aging

– (3) Mental aging

By attending MEDAC NLP course, you can practice controlling of physical & metal aging & live longer with healthier & abundant energy.

– Couples relations can be ecologically sharpen and optimum happiness in married life can be experienced.

– Relations between parents & children can be integrated with emotional bonding by using rapport techniques.

– Academic excellence for students can be accomplished & can score high marks in exams by using confidence building techniques, anchoring, gratitude, Meta thinking etc.

– Remove stress & tension from day to day life and enjoy balanced life.

– Explore potential in your professional career & jobs by make use of uniqueness finder, goal setting, VAKOG, sensory acuity techniques, cause & effect etc, that will be helped to increase your efficiency up to 500%.

– Utilize the smart time management, balanced daily routine, do every activity at most favorable concentration & dedication, thus practice to lead comprehensive fruitful life.

      Course duration:-

(1) One day pre-basic MEDAC NLP course
(2) two days basic MEDAC NLP course
(3) Four days Advanced Master NLP Practitioner Course

The courses will be in Calicut, Trichur, Cochin & Malapuram at suitable venues according to the registration   demand.

To whom the course applicable:  Students, Parents, Teachers, Engineers, Doctors, Professionals, Sales executives, Trainers, Educational Scholars etc.

3) MHTP [MEDAC Human Transformation Programming]

If you want to make changes in the society, you be the change-by Mahatma Gandhi”

Today’s society is living in a big mystification. The relations between teenagers and parents are indecisive, divorce cases are increasing day by day, family issues are quite accustomed, crime rates in society are hiking, diseases and cancers are escalating and much more….
MEDAC has undergone in deep research by the help of experts and technocrats on social problems and developed very scientific modules and syllabuses to overcome these social devils.
MHTP is a long term training program which addresses students, Parents, Teachers and everyone in the society. Our course is designed based on Multiple intelligence, NLP, Transactional Analysis, Toastmasters, Enneagram, Pranic healing, Chakras, Meditation, Yoga, Affirmations etc. This course will facilitate boosting of energy level and to activate the inborn talents as well as additional skills through digestive channels to every spectator in the society & outcome of this course is optimistic revolution.
MHTP also covers appliance of alternative medicines such as Sujok, Acupressure, Naturopathy, Colour therapy etc.. thus we define & implement utterly healthy & fruitful life.


School of parenting is another golden gift from the family of MEDAC Enterprises PVT Ltd to the society.
Our nation & societies are leading by the politicians and parents. Unfortunately there are no any degree courses or practical trainings to concrete these two categories.

The current crisis and relational issues between children & parents are due to the modern life style and technological facilities. Living in modern era, usage of facebook, whatsup, youtube, movies, chating, gaming etc are the recent social tribulations which were not before a decade. At same time the expectations & style of parenting is not being updated, there the problem generates. So the solution is contemporary community issues can be resolved by modern tricks & techniques.

MEDAC School of parenting syllabus is defined by considering all these aspects. We have implemented our trail and error projects at various places of Kerala. According to feedbacks and outcome of the above projects, we have developed the professional modules of modern parenting.


MEDAC Life Design Consultancy is implementing school of parenting projects in joint venture with schools managements. We provide NLP based scientific parenting sessions to every parent of selected schools at Calicut, Trichur, Malapuram & Palakkad districts as first phase.

Our R&D team regularly analysis the social harms, adolescents issues and develop resolution by the latest international tools & remedies.